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Be Ready to Sell this Spring

Don’t Get Lost in The Crowd!

Spring will soon be in the air and it’s always the most popular time of year to sell a home.

The worst thing that can happen is that you put your FOR SALE sign up the same week three other homes in your building or on your street do too.

With continuing record-low inventory and increasing demand, we’ve seen prices spike in 2019 to almost 2017 levels. This will, at some point, drive a lot of people to list if they think they can get top dollar for their home. But if everyone floods the market at once…

Why should you prepare now?


In the spring of 2019, Lower Wast Side of Toronto (Swansea, High Park, Mimico etc.) homes and condos sold for sales prices up to 28% higher than spring 2018 depending on home type.


The spring is a sellers market. In 2019 sales volume (number of properties on the market) was down all over the GTA meaning buyers are hungry. This may the opportunity for you to capitalize on the property investment you've made.


In order to be "sell ready", you may need to go through a few steps to get there. When you're prepared for the market place, you are able to list at just the right time to help increase the likelihood of you selling for top dollar.


In 2019, both Swansea Junior and Senior Public schools ranked 9.1 on the Fraser Institute school scale making the area very desirable for young families.

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Why sell with Key Toronto Real Estate?

What makes us unique is our combination of experience, neighbourhood knowledge and unusual candour that will guide you to making the right purchase.

To be sure your home is “sell” ready just before the market floods, book a no-obligation consult with Key Toronto Real Estate to discuss optimal timing and options as a seller. For our clients, we successfully closed our 2019 sales an average of 13% over asking price and we want to do the same or better for you.