Listing with me

Listing with us

Marketing your property should not be limited only to putting a listing up on MLS and hoping for the best. Off-market listing provides a great opportunity to test the market in real time with real people. More importantly, it doesn’t accumulate Days on the Market, which only depresses the potential sale price. Our Off-market process is as follows:


The lawn sign with a ‘Coming Soon’ rider on top is the first step. This attracts people who are looking in the area and allows me to collect their data for an invitation to a showing.


If staging is needed, the design crew makes recommendations and brings in the required elements.


Then the professional photography is done. This is not a place to cut corners. The first place most people will see the listing is online and they’ll be looking CLOSELY at the shots. They need to be good and they need to show the place in the very, very best possible light.


These photos are distributed to my brokerage's database of potential buyers (in excess of 100,000 people) to encourage them to come in for a showing. With the collected feedback, I gain insight into what still may need to be done to either the physical space or the pricing strategy.


I literally door-knock your neighborhood with ‘Just Listed’ flyers to let the neighbors know about the coming listing, asking them if they know of anyone who is interested in moving in to the area and invite them to an Off-market open house with wine and cheese. It's not uncommon that I am able to find interested people even at this stage.


After all that we list on MLS.