Our process

Why invest in GTA real estate?

When compared to other global real estate investment opportunities, I firmly believe that the Toronto market represents a fantastic environment to maximize returns in your portfolio.

In terms of price per square foot, appreciation potential and governmental stability, few places in the world compare to the Toronto real estate market.

My buying process

My experience, neighbourhood knowledge and honesty will guide you to making the right purchase. Because when buying, the age-old adage of ‘Location, Location, Location’ is true…

Except when it’s not.

In the current hyper-competitive market environment – knowledge and experience are the KEY to a successful purchase. I will make sure to stay with you all the way through, so can you make an informed and sound decision.

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After a determination of goals, I will take you to the chosen areas of the city, show you around and educate you on each and every aspect of the neighborhood and why it makes sense to buy there. All the research is done ahead of time.


Once we narrow down on an area, we will start looking for a particular development in there. Clients will get an approximate price per square foot (if it’s a condo) or what the comparables are selling for in that area (for both condos and freeholds). That way you will be making a fully informed buying decision.


You may need an advice from a mortgage broker regarding the financing of your deal. My expert partners will be happy to help with getting you pre-approved and provide a mortgage commitment from a lender at a competitive interest rate.


A good real estate lawyer is an integral part of the transaction. My partner real estate attorneys, facilitate all legal matters pertaining your deal and provide an insight on any red flags about the property (if there are any). That way we can ascertain that the property will not cause unnecessary headache and that it is indeed a good purchase.


Once the purchase is complete, you have an option to sit down with my design team and get ideas on how to decorate yout new home. You can also purchase furnishings and decor for the place directly through the design team, which will handle the delivery at competitive rates.


Up to this point, this applies to both investors and regular buyers. The following points pertain mostly to investors.

Tenant services

Once you make a purchase, I search, screen and qualify potential tenants. You only get the best candidates and are free to make decisions who you want to rent out your property to.

Once you are satisfied with the tenant you have chosen, I will arrange the leasing paperwork in order to outline the rental terms and make sure that both you and your tenant have a common understanding of the contract.

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