How Corona-Virus Has Affected Home Prices And Sales Across Canada

How COVID-19 Affected Prices In 20 Major Real Estate Markets Across Canada

The situation with the novel corona-virus continues to unfold and as it does, new information is coming in on how the real estate markets across the country are affected by the pandemic. Surprisingly, certain areas in Canada have seen an increase in sales and prices, while others have seen significant declines.

Zoocasa just posted their detailed analysis on how COVID-19 has affected 20 major real estate markets across Canada. To see the full report, visit

Is this a good time for me to purchase a property?

It’s true, while many people have been temporarily laid off and the future of their employment could be in jeopardy, others are benefiting from the lack of bidding wars and competition from a surplus of buyers. Your ability to make a purchase and potentially find a property that you could purchase at a lower price than you could in February, solely depends on your situation.

Since my last blog about the price observed in Toronto condos, I have been receiving many inquiries from interested buyers. If you are a buyer that and are wondering whether it is a good time for you to plan a purchase, send me a quick note below and let’s schedule a Zoom call to chat about your options:

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